Office Coffee Service Los Angeles

Most offices across the country have at least some form of a coffee maker, particularly in bigger cities, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. However, offices that simply have a 12-cup coffee pot may want something better, including high quality grounds. Whether your Los Angeles office needs an entirely new coffee machine system or just wants coffee delivery, Workwell is at your disposal.

Incentivize Your Los Angeles Employees

Any good manager knows the importance of keeping their hardworking employees happy and feeling appreciated. What better way to do this than by providing food and drinks? With the offerings at Workwell, your employees will be full and have fuel for productivity! Rather than having an old coffee pot with generic coffee grounds, upgrade to a coffee machine that can dish out delicious lattes, espressos, and more to the office.

Coffee Offerings at Los Angeles Office

We are coffee and tea delivery experts. Our love of quality grounds, delicious pastries, and specialty drinks mean that we deliver only the best to your Los Angeles office. As far as actual grounds, we offer Starbucks, Colectivo, Dark Matter, Verve, Metropolis, and more. We maintain our relationships with coffee roasters to ensure that your office can enjoy the best cup of joe around.

Aside from grounds, we offer a huge variety of coffee machines for your office. We have fully automated coffee systems, espresso machines, a kegerator for cold brew, a percolator, and more simplistic options. These options are great for incentivizing your employees if much of your office tends to go to the nearest coffee shop for specialty drinks. Not only is it more convenient, but using the office coffee machine for a latte costs much less than paying for one.

In addition to coffee machines and grounds, our coffee delivery system can include a barista! Workwell can provide your Los Angeles office with a full espresso bar and café, complete with trained baristas. Create a truly unique workplace atmosphere for your employees, and watch the productivity levels fly through the roof!

Contact Los Angeles Workwell

The coffee service and delivery you will receive at Workwell will be one of the best vendor decisions your office can make. From coffee machines to a fully staffed café, we can ensure that your office staff is extremely satisfied with the coffee options available in their workplace. Contact Workwell today to learn more about our coffee delivery service and what we can do for you!