Honest Work Deserves an Honest Break

Honest Eats Marketplace by Workwell is an all-inclusive mini-market that can truly elevate your in-office dining experience.  Each market is fully stocked with all your favorite snacks as well as sandwiches, salads, and baked goods—all fresh and hand-prepared by our staff of culinary specialists.

Fresh Made Sandwiches And Salads

Real Food
Really Sustains

When you have an Honest Eats Marketplace in your office, you get much more than prepackaged convenience-style snacks. At Workwell we’re all about doing things right, and that means fresh made sandwiches and salads, made with wholesome ingredients by people who really care. You get what you give, so…

give your body what it wants

Fresh Baked Goods

Fresh Baked Goods

Workwell’s Honest Eats Bakery delivers hand-made muffins, bagels, coffee cakes and more. All of our pastries are made fresh and stocked regularly in your personal office market. If it were any fresher, the oven would be in your copy room.


Espresso Drinks

Cafés On Site and On Demand

If you choose to equip your office with an Honest Eats Marketplace, you also get the option of having a Barista and/or food prep person on staff and on-site to craft specialty espresso drinks and made-to-order meals for your staff. This is a new and unique amenity that can really set you apart from your peers and wow your partners.


Fuel Your Office

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Coffee & Tea

Fuel Your Buzz


Fuel Your Day

Breakroom Amenities

Fuel Your Team