Coffee Making Techniques

Ways to Workwell / July 25, 2017

Most know the process of making a basic cup of coffee; water, filter, grounds, and press a button. Though the quality of the grounds, the proportion of water to coffee, and the quality of the machine all contribute to creating a delicious cup of coffee, the process does not change much. For your corporate coffee systems Chicago, you want a quality coffee maker; something that will get that much use needs to be long lasting and not cause your employees stress. However, you may want to consider additional coffee equipment, such as a French press, an espresso machine, or a cold brew tap.

Coffee Equipment

Aside from your traditional coffee maker, two of the most common pieces of equipment are the French press and an espresso machine. While a French press won’t be able to make the volume a regular coffee maker can in the same amount of time, this is the perfect addition to any smaller office. Employees that are coffee enthusiasts will be satisfied, and you will be happy with a low-cost addition to the office! Espresso machines may be more expensive, but any fast-paced office could use the boost. These machines ought to be able to make barista-level espresso; otherwise it is not worth the investment.

When searching for a way to upgrade your corporate coffee systems Chicago, new coffee equipment from Workwell, such as a French press or espresso machine may be just the thing!

Additional Options

For something a little extra for your employees, consider a Workwell barista or cold brew on tap! Both of these offerings are a perfect way to show your appreciation, and they taste great, too! Our cold brew on tap can be installed right in your office, and we offer a free trial. To have a barista come to the office, along with all the coffee equipment and goodies your office would want, contact Workwell!

Our corporate coffee systems Chicago solutions range from espresso machines to actual baristas. Get started today!

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