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At Workwell, we understand how important a coffee amenity is to your workforce. It brings people together and inspires creativity and productivity. We work with the best craft and small batch coffee roasters in the world. These companies roast coffee specifically for you just like a made-to-order bakery. This level of craft and care results in flavor and quality that you can feel when you take a sip. That plus outfitting your company with state-of-the art equipment and our 24/7 service team ensures that you’ll never be without a perfectly satisfying cup to greet you in the morning.

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At Workwell, we surround ourselves with coffee fanatics on a daily basis. We maintain meaningful relationships with these coffee roasters and share in their enthusiasm for crafting the perfect cup. This results in an unmatched expertise and a genuine desire to introduce your office to a truly exceptional cup of coffee.



    Dark Matter is a Chicago staple. They craft some of the best hand-roasted coffees and they do it in style. We love their coffee and we know you will too. Give them a try!

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    Dark Matter Coffee

    Try Stumptown’s Cold Brew Kegs infused with Nitro! It’s smooth, elegant, and exquisite.

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    Stumptown Nitro
La Marzocco Espresso Coffee

Essential Gear

Every state-of-the-art craft coffee brewing device you can dream of is right at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for a fully automated system, a hand crafted La Marzocco espresso machine, or a more manual, hands-on approach, we will procure the ideal equipment to suit the needs of your operation. 


Workwell Brings the Café To YouLiterally

Through our office espresso bar management team, we take your handcrafted coffee and espresso experience to the next level, providing you with something that no one else can—namely, your own personal espresso bar & Cafe. Our expert staff of baristas are educated at our training cafe and taught to maintain standards that would impress coffee geeks from all over. We do this to provide a café experience in your workplace that is truly unlike any other. From consulting on architectural drawings to space planning and menu development, we are a one stop shop to manage your espresso bar program.


Cold Brew And Nitro Cold Brew

Tap Into cold brew

Kegged Iced Coffee on Tap; no doubt the coolest coffee benefit to add to your office. No more tossing ice cubes into a day-old pot of java—Workwell will provide you with an 5.2 gallon keg of boldly brewed iced coffee, served on draft from a kegerator for supreme freshness every time.  After you’ve had Cold Brew on tap, you’ll never look at an iced coffee the same way again. You can also get it on Nitro, or various flavors on-the-go in a bottle or carton. Contact us for a Free Trial today!



Coffee Percolator

Light Years Ahead of the Percolator

Technology has changed the world of coffee brewing just as it has changed everything else, but it’s still the hands-on approach that we find yields the finest results. The Chemex pourover and the La Marzocco Drip are the new methods of choice for people who want the most out of their cup of coffee. Workwell offers all the latest and greatest approaches to brewing up a batch so that you’ll never have to settle for an ordinary cup of joe again.


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