Los Angeles Coffee Supplies

The days of sending your assistant for a coffee run to get your staff refueled and back on track is a thing of the past. Workwell has you covered, because there is no longer a need for such an errand. Refueling is as easy as a walk to the break room. Workwell can provide your office with multiple coffee supplies to help you get your caffeine fix. All of the options below are offered come include delivery, equipment, and installation for your Los Angeles office.

Office Coffee Supplier Los Angeles

From state-of-the-art coffee equipment to delicious coffee grounds, Workwell has it all. To really step it up a notch, we can also provide mini-markets and your own personal barista! At Workwell, we have an espresso bar management team that can take any coffee experience to the next level- your office’s very own personal espresso bar & café. Our expert staff can provide the skill unlike any other while maintaining standards that will amaze you. From consultations, menu ideas, and space planning- we can handle it all.

Cold Brew On Tap

Make your office ahead of the game and give your employees something other than work to brag about with kegged iced coffee on tap. The days of trying to refresh that old pot of coffee with some ice cubes are over, this 5.2 gallon keg of fresh brewed iced coffee served on tap is guaranteed freshness with every cup. Setting the kegerator is easy and works in a matter of minutes. Workwell offers multiple choices of cold brew kegs, each coming with their own branded tap handles. We are confident that Cold Brew on Tap will be a hit amongst your employees and will be nothing like they have experienced before. And guess what? You have nothing to lose- because we will let you try it for free.

Love the idea of iced coffee at your fingertips, but not the idea of a kegerator in your office? Or maybe you just don’t have the space? Workwell still has you covered. We offer multiple personal size bottles, cans, and cartons of cold brew that is available from many of our craft coffee distributors that are just as tasty and easy access for when you need to refuel on-the-go. Each one has their own taste & style, try them all!

Stumptown Cold Brew with Chocolate Milk Cartons

Stumptown Cold Brew Cans infused with Nitro

Stumptown “Stubby” Bottles

Press Coldbrew

Metropolis Cold Brew Bottles

Blue Bottle New Orleans Cold Brew

Dark Matter Bottles

Coffee that is worth the wait…

Ask any coffee geek about the benefits and results of using a Chemex pourover or a Marzocco Drip and they may not stop talking. Workwell offers every advanced form of coffee brewing, but some will always agree that the slower hands-on approach gets you the best results out of your cup of coffee. If you are looking for a hand crafted La Marzocco espresso machine, a fully automated system or a manual, hands- on approach, we can attain the perfect equipment to match your needs. The office coffee supplies you can attain through Workwell will amaze and satisfy your employees. Contact our Los Angeles office today!